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 (so͝o-vôr′əf), Count Aleksandr Vasilevich 1729-1800.
Russian field marshal who became famous for his successful campaigns in the Russo-Turkish War (1787-1792).
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(Russian suˈvɔrəf)
(Biography) Aleksandr Vasilyevich (alɪkˈsandr vaˈsiljɪvitʃ). 1729–1800, Russian field marshal, who fought successfully against the Turks (1787–91), the Poles (1794), and the French in Italy (1798–99)
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(suˈvɔr ɔf, -ɒf)

Aleksandr Vasilevich, 1729–1800, Russian field marshal.
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"Cela nous convient a merveille.*[2] Suvorov now- he knew what he was about; yet they beat him a plate couture,*[3] and where are we to find Suvorovs now?
Military units from 10 countries - including China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran - are competing in Korla in three contests: the Suvorov Attack race and shooting competition by infantry fighting vehicles, the Clear Sky test for air defense units, and Safe Route, a new contest held in China this year in which teams make their way through a minefield.
As a part of international army games to be held in seven countries including China, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the Chinese army will host four competitions including Suvorov Attack, Clear Sky and Safety Route in Korla of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and the Chinese Navy will host Seaborne Assault in Quanzhou city of southeast China's Fujian Province.
Uzbekistan can be a financial center in the CIS in terms of volume and turnover of capital, said the President of the Interstate Bank Igor Suvorov the day before during talks in Tashkent with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan Jamshid Kuchkarov, reported.
13 students of the Kyrgyz National Military Lyceum named after Hero of the Soviet Union Daira Asanov (Suvorov military school) were expelled for a brawl that took place on February 4 in Bishkek.
Officials of the Internal Security Service (ISS) arrested Tartu Deputy Mayor Valvo Semilarski, member of the Reform Party, and Deputy Mayor Artjom Suvorov, of the Center Party, as suspects in multiple corruption offenses.
In 2014, two submarines - the Prince Oleg and the Generalissimo Suvorov were laid down.
His topics are operational art; the war of the first coalition and the birth of modern operational art; coalition operational art in 1799: Suvorov and Massena in Italy and Switzerland; artists of the waves: the Royal Navy, Nelson, and operational art at sea; Napoleon ascendant: Jomini and Clausewitz in harmony; the empires strike back: symmetry returns to the operational level of war; Napoleonic total war in Spain and Russia 1810-12; and operational art and the campaign of 1813.
A program on constructing military academy after Suvorov and Madatov has launched in the framework of
There was a rare moment of danger when Alexandru Epureanu headed over from a Suvorov free-kick as Moldova showed why they haven't scored a goal for a year.
Sergei Suvorov, the owner of Beringov, did not comment to the daily.
Besides, of the more than 20 books written by Viktor Suvorov in the last 30 years, only four have appeared in English--the last of these, The Chief Culprit, received my frenzied plaudits in the April 2010 issue of this magazine--so it is unlikely that the English-speaking reader will be reading a proper notice of the book anytime soon.