Sverdrup Islands

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Sver·drup Islands

 (svĕr′drəp, sfĕr′-)
A subgroup of the Queen Elizabeth Islands of northern Canada, north of the Parry Islands and west of Ellesmere Island. Axel Heiberg Island is the largest in the group.
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The highlights of the volume include the chapters on the transfer of Arctic territories from Great Britain to Canada in 1870 and 1880 (chapter 1), the Alaska Boundary Dispute (chapter 5), the (inflated) concerns about Danish ambitions in relation to Ellesmere Island (chapter 10), the bizarre and tragic Wrangel Island Affair (chapter 11), and the discussions with Norway to have that country release any possible claims to sovereignty to the Sverdrup Islands based on their discovery and exploration by Otto Sverdrup in 1900 (chapter 12).
Given this focus, however, it does seem that a more logical end point for the book would have been the purchase of the Sverdrup Islands from Norway in the 1930s.
From 1898 to 1902, Sverdrup and his remarkable team charted parts of Ellesmere Island and the island group to the west of Ellesmere Island that now bears the name "Sverdrup Islands." The Canadian stamp will feature an image of the Fram, the famous ship used by Norwegian explorers Nansen, Sverdrup, and Amundsen.