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A historical region of southwest Germany that originally included parts of present-day France and Switzerland. It was divided into small principalities and fiefdoms after 1268, but its prosperous towns often banded together in defensive leagues, most notably the Swabian League of 1488 to 1534.

Swa′bi·an adj. & n.


(Placename) a region and former duchy (from the 10th century to 1313) of S Germany, now part of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria: part of West Germany until 1990. German name: Schwaben


(ˈsweɪ bi ə)

a region and medieval duchy in SW Germany, now part of the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in S Germany. German, Schwaben.
Swa′bi•an, adj., n.


nSchwaben nt
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The session brought together representatives of the leadership of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania, the associations of Saxons and Swabians in Germany, prefectures from the counties with a significant German community and the line ministries in Romania and Germany with attributions in the field.
Weinzierl will become the Swabians' eleventh coach in the last five years and welcomes unbeaten league leaders Borussia Dortmund in his first match in charge on October 20, after the international break.
Kund Park is considered a sole picnic point for the Swabians and people of the periphery districts.
STUTTGART VFB Nickname: Die Roten (The Reds), Die Schwaben (The Swabians).
Foremost we were Swabians, then Germans and then Jews.
WOLFSBURG all but secured their place in the Champions League with a victory over Stuttgart which leaves the Swabians rooted to the foot of the Bundesliga.
Borussia Monchengladbach took advantage of Leverkusen's slip to move up to third and within seven points of secondplaced Wolfsburg with a 1-0 win at Stuttgart, which also sent the Swabians into the relegation zone.
Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder - also the man who appointed Low as Germany's assistant coach six years later - was president of the Swabians at the time and was neVer so keen on Low's oVerlysympathetic approach to coaching.
One visit is never enough, not for the Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, nor the Aragonese, all of whom set foot on Italy's islands and mainland and quickly proceeded with colonial ambitions.
SPATZLE A staple for the Swabians, it is essentially egg-noodles.
Normally the Swabians would approach a trip to the Allianz Arena with a sense of trepidation but they have climbed to fifth place after a ten-match unbeaten run and look value at 17-4 to net another three points.
Those travellers who do venture in to Italy's south-eastern region of Apulia are, however, well rewarded in terms of the natural beauty of the landscapes, the richness of the heritage of a varied history (Normans, Swabians, Spaniards and Greeks all left their mark) and the hospitality of the welcoming residents.