a.1.Inclined to swag; sinking, hanging, or leaning by its weight.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Make sure you charge up your phone and wear something swaggy because this place is achingly cool.
Their baby Angel, born in April, is also showing serious style credentials with an eye-catching wardrobe including an 'I'm A Swaggy Baby' T-shirt.
In the film, Nawazuddin will croon a rap song 'Swaggy Chudiyan', the teaser of which has been released before.
Musical performers and celebrity guests include: Brandon Gomes from MTV's Siesta Key, Wesley Stromberg from X Factor, Swaggy C from Big Brother 20, and Estacks.
More on artiness: And there is the virtuosic cinematography and the jazz, or moments when the film attempts to meld Sander's swaggy delivery of spoken poetry with the visual kind.
Lolo Swaggy is asleep on the sofa (probably dreaming of shoes that are "box pa lang, ulam na").
"My EP is a collection of pop/R&B songs that really represent me: some really swaggy songs as well as songs that show off my vocal range," she says.
Among those celebs will be Swaggy P, model Slick Woods, Jim Carrey's daughter Jane, Tallulah Willis, singer Elle King and former NFL star Rashad Jennings.
Young, nicknamed "Swaggy P", has played 11 seasons in the NBA.
BOURBONNAIS -- His players have referred to Bears coach Matt Nagy as "a dude" and a "cool guy." Some have even nicknamed him "Swaggy Nagy."
"Electricity," "hallucination," "swaggy," "retromingent"--these all come from Browne (10).
Part rapper and part singer, she's beautiful, talented, swaggy, and fluent in English due to a youth spent in international schools.