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Noun1.Swainsona - a genus of Australian herbs and subshrubs: darling peas
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Fabaceae, family Fabaceae, family Leguminosae, legume family, Leguminosae, pea family - a large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods; divided for convenience into the subfamilies Caesalpiniaceae; Mimosaceae; Papilionaceae
darling pea, poison bush - either of two Australian plants of the genus Swainsona that are poisonous to sheep
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These plants belong to three genera of the Fabaceae family (Astragalus, Oxytropis, and Swainsona) (BURROWS & TYRL, 2012; COOK et al., 2009; COOK et al., 2013), one genus of the Convolvulaceae family (Ipomoea) and one genus of the Malvaceae family (Sida) (OLIVEIRA JUNIOR et al., 2013).
pulchellus, Eragrostis lacunaria, Phyllanthus lacunellus, Sclerolaena patenticuspis, Swainsona microphylla) were present in both years.
(http://nct.org.au/nature-conservation/wildlife/native-plants/slender-darling-pea.html) "Darling Pea" (Swainsona murrayana), a pea-like flower, is a native and endangered plant containing a poisonous substance toxic to the livestock.
Maluku Kuru is the name used by the local Aboriginal people for the Sturt's Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa), which grows in the area.
It has been used as an instrument drug to study glucoprotein N-link oligosaccharide since its initial extraction from the fruit of Australian Swainsona canescens and North America locoweed (including Astragalus and Oxytropis spp.) (Dantas et al.
Hamid & Willians (1997), estudando o comportamento de Swainsona formosa (G.