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Any of various bulbous plants of the genus Crinum, native to warm regions and having strap-shaped leaves and showy umbels of variously colored flowers. Also called spider lily.

[New Latin Crinum, genus name, from Greek krinon, lily.]


(Plants) any plant of the mostly tropical amaryllidaceous genus Crinum, having straplike leaves and clusters of lily-like flowers. Also called: crinum lily
[Latin: lily, from Greek krinon]
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fleshy song and almost bone, pushing forth through swamp lilies, through
Among the more memorable images: an abandoned bed frame in Louisiana covered in creeping, blooming swamp lilies; a picture of a faded portrait on the wall of a blighted room, complete with bare lightbulb.
Achuff and Dickinson as Hortense, Queen of the Swamp Lilies, and Harolde, The Dying Poet, amplified the comic allusions to romantic ballet with great finesse, while David Shimotakahara's presence was highly charged as the Interlocutor, although his footwork could have been brighter.