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An option giving the buyer the right to enter into a swap agreement by a specified date.

[Blend of swap and option.]


(Banking & Finance) another name for swap4
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During a rare joint work session with the Lane County Board of Commissioners, the council appeared set to agree to a city-county task force that would study land swap options in the coming weeks and months.
Indian lender, IndusInd Bank (NSE: INDUSINDBK), plans to exploit Reserve Bank of India's window of swap options, to raise USD300m from overseas investors.
Dozens shouted their message in unison at the start of the meeting, calling on state officials to "tax the rich" and halt multimillion-dollar payments to banks for interest rate swap options, or "swaptions," before resorting to service cuts and higher fares.
That could include higher interest rates or equity swap options to persuade creditors to give up claims to key assets, like the profitable port operator.
We believe that this association with Property Swap Shop, will augment the strong track record of both our companies in creating and managing property swap options for our clients both in both countries," commented Peter Penhall, Chief Executive, Gowealthy.
Liverpool would have to pay about pounds 15m and have several fringe players as swap options.
O'Leary knows AC Milan's money and the attraction of Serie A may turn Viduka's head and he is preparing for the worst by doing his homework on the swap options now.
that is trying to put and keep Iran out of business, is that other than the existing Russian pipelines, Iran offers the most cost-effective oil transport and swap options for Caspian basin oil for the world market.
The authority benefited by financing $800 million in bond swap options in exchange for $35 million in payments several years ago, which was leveraged on the difference between variable rate bonds and fixed municipal rate bonds.