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n.1.See Sweep, n., 12.
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50) The clues thus playfully allude to the idea that men and women urinate in a different way: "Ic swiftne geseah on swape reran / DNLH / Ic ane geseah idese sittan" [I saw, swift on the track, DNLH travelling along.
TRY Miss Selfridge grey suede peep toe boots, pounds 45, Faith Swape tan ankle boots, pounds 75, ASOS leather plaited gladiator boots, pounds 60, Office Ace black leather heeled bovver boots, pounds 70.
Former presenter Noel Edmonds, reunites with old colleagues Keith Chegwin, Maggie Philbin and John Craven to relive some memorable moments from the show and present a few all-new celebrity swape.
Peah nu aelda bearn londbuendra lasts mine swipe secao, ic swape hwilum mine bemipe monna gehwylcum.