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When in 1923, the party was divided into "Ghandhiites" and "Swarajists", Azad played an important role to bridge the gulf between the two factions.
In Hassan Abdal (District Attock), Sikandar got the chance of creating political awareness while becoming President in that 'Small Town Committee' and demonstrated devotion, commitment and vigilance; he greatly improved the conditions of the town.18 Sikandar Hayat Khan, being in the front ranks of Zamindar Party, enjoyed the confidence of all the groups in the council; he was a bridge among various communities; the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Muslims, the Swarajists and the official members.19
The Swarajists had entered the councils with the sole object of wrecking them by applying a policy of non-co-operation from within;6 they declared themselves opponents of the people and parties which co- operated with the British for the working of Reforms.
Congress was carrying out agitational politics since 1920 and the liberal Congressite had moved backward to give way to the Swarajists who presumed that they could perhaps achieve the gol single handed without taking much notice of the Muslim claim to safeguard their rights.