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a.1.Swarthy; tawny.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Jack Oates's "more monstrous attributes included a huge underlip, a small beard, which sometimes got stuck in his mouth along with his drink owing to his pointed chin, a 'swarty' neck, and a big belly.
Inter N&S Cham F&W Grif awards x x x x x awarer x awmrie x dwarfs x x x x x Owerby x qwerty x x swaraj x x x swards x x x x swardy x x Swarga x swarms x x x x x swerve x x swarth x x x swarty x x x Swerga x swerve x x x x x swirls x x x x swirly x x x x swirlz x swords x x x x x twerps x x x x twirls x x x x twirly x x x twirps x x x Owerby and swirlz are not even on the onelook.com extended list of 106 words; the latter may well be a typo.
Lest the reader miss the irony of these genteel reactions to the strangers in their land, Trollope allows Wharton to proclaim himself in favor of "absolute toleration" immediately before he thinks it "monstrous that [Emily] should be in love with "this swarty son of Judah." (I, 30, 32).