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A short time later, Lane County deputies reported that black swastikas had been painted on the jail building and on a county-owned car.
area high school teacher returned from Yom Kippur to find his classroom windows painted with swastikas.
The woman claimed she was robbed on a suburban Paris train earlier this month by a knife-wielding gang that mistook her for a Jew and scrawled swastikas on her body.
The swastikas appeared as options for users within a font called Bookshelf Symbol 7, one of a large number of character choices available in Office 2003 which went on sale at the end of last year.
Dubel's impressively aberrant exhibition of swastika and pornographic graffiti from around the globe - which included a photograph of a taco stand in Mexico with two swastikas neatly painted beside the Coca-Cola logos - was the fruit of his latest research on popular myth, tabloid news, occultism, UFO sightings, and conspiracy theory.
Audrie Cabena, of Dundee's Yankee tattoo parlour, said: "I met ManWoman once and he was covered in swastikas.
But although this Jeopardy question may have surprised many people, you can see pre-Nazi-era swastikas all over the United States.
The forest swastikas weren't discovered until 1992, nearly 60 years after the larch trees were planted.
You can see it in the row of embroidered swastikas.
31(ANI): A British tourist expressed his outrage after finding his German hotel decorated with nine-foot long Swastikas.
Piara Powar of football's anti-racism group Kick It Out, said: "Human swastikas, racial abuse and the growing presence of neo-nazis highlight the problems in many parts of Europe.
Race hate messages and Nazi swastikas were daubed on the building.