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(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Shantou



also Swatow

a seaport in E Guangdong province, in SE China. 722,805.
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Born in Swatow, China, Professor Lam grew up in Hong Kong and began his post-secondary studies in Canada at the age of 16.
Navy P2V Neptune near the port of Swatow in southern China.
12) Under Emergency Regulation 17C (ER 17C), the first batch of 52 detainees was shipped to Swatow on 3 December.
Swatow Typhoon spat the dummy in some style last time, while Safran De Cotte has shown nothing for a year and Ballypatrick was pulled up the only other time he's tried a marathon trip.
BETFRED EIDER - sponsors bet: 6-1 Sun Cloud, 7-1 Relax, 8-1 Royale Knight, Smoking Aces, 9-1 Tutchec, 10-1 Financial Climate, Our Island, Presented, 12-1 Samstown, Seven Woods, Swatow Typhoon, 16-1 Saffran De Cotte, Wood Yer, 20-1 Ballypatrick, Chavoy, Junior, Master Overseer, Tarquinius, The Friary, Wyck Hill, 25-1 Mister Philson, War On, 33-1 Mortimers Cross, Rapidolyte De Ladalka, 50 Boris The Blade.
Second Grandmother came from the Swatow boat people of northeast Guangdong Province.
He has plenty to find with hot favourite Swatow Typhoon but he will be ready to take advantage of any mistakes that his rival makes.
Also known as Swatow food, Chiu Chow cuisine originated in the city of Shantou, in the coastal region of Guangdong Province, 300 km from Hong Kong.
Swatow Typhoon then took the Cheshire handler's tally to 109 by landing the bumper.
Between 1880 and 1930 several hundred thousand people a year left China, chiefly from the ports of Hong Kong, Amoy (Xiamen), and Swatow (Shantou), for foreign destinations.
De 175 neonatos de sexo femenino alumbrados por cuarenta mujeres en Swatow, 28 murieron.