Sweat box

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(Naut.) a small closet in which refractory men are confined.

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Then after introducing training concepts with Nora called SWEAT Box, she suggested we make healthy post-workout meals such as sandwiches as she was already popular for her homemade healthy sandwiches.
The venue was The Cluny and it was absolutely heaving with "sold out" signs on the door, and for once in this most inconsistent of summers, it was a sweat box.
Firstly the Riverside of old, the sweat box that hosted the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Oasis and errr, Gwar, is no more, having closed down in 1999.
What we can both agree on is that his runaway lead in the all-weather jockeys' championship is something that has been achieved with more help from the sweat box than from Mother Nature.
If only one was still able to taste milk and bacon that was turned out then; now much of the bacon is sweat box bacon, as opposed to that housed on straw, the milk little better that white water when years ago there was cream at the top of the bottle.
Hours every day in the sweat box keeps him about 2st below his natural weight of more than 12st.
The Barras became a sweat box as the crowd shook their asses to celebrate 10 years of the dance duo's infectious club classics.
Shanks brought in the shooting boards and the sweat box, which had walls about 30 yards apart.
Headland's Women's World Championship silver medalist Savannah Marshall took centre stage and was a unanimous middleweight winner against Lucia Gaetani from the Sweat Box gym in Bristol.
I'd spend two or three hours in a sweat box and come out losing less than one pound.