Swedish meatball

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Noun1.Swedish meatball - meatballs simmered in stock
meatball - ground meat formed into a ball and fried or simmered in broth
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The "plate of two halves" offer is a combination of the store's Swedish meatball dish and English fish and chips.
But almost as soon as you turned left there was another attraction, a soft-porn cinema with one of the most intriguing double bills of all time - Inge, I Have Lust and My Swedish Meatball. This programme ran for ages with black lettering on a garish orange poster outside and chaps in macs looking up and down the street.
Green and red is the colorful theme for this nibblers' feast, which includes a fresh seafood platter with a zesty cocktail dipping sauce and a low-fat version of the ever-popular Swedish meatball in a tangy Marsala sauce.
One Salt Lake City columnist threatened to hire a Utah sculptor to build an oversize Swedish meatball near Stockholm.
Don't go to Max looking for a Swedish meatball or pickled herring -- this is a purely American-style burger spot, and it's in the price bracket with McDonalds and Burger King, rather than Shake Shack, for example.
So the girl wins (as usual) and the bloke gets dragged around the whole of the floor and, if he's lucky, he gets to stop for a coffee and some Swedish meatball dish before heading into the most dangerous area of all - yes, the warehouse.
For your chance to win one of four Scan Swedish Meatball picnic hampers simply answer the following question:
Our meat-loving son, Louie, chose the Swedish meatball wrap (PS4.25).
Take Swedish meatball Ulrika Jonsson, for example, who wrote the following in her Sunday newspaper column this week: "A few years ago I was judged to be Celebrity Mum Of The Year.
Lincoln St., Batavia will hold a 10th annual Swedish meatball dinner from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

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