Sweep net

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a net for drawing over a large compass.

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Mahan of Penn State Altoona will continue conducting breeding bird productivity research, vegetation surveys, and sweep net surveys for native bees on right-of-way sites.
The plots were sampled for insects approximately weekly (every 5-9 d) using a sweep net (BioQuip[R] 38-cm-diameter bag, heavy duty; BioQuip Products Inc., Rancho Dominguez, California) to make 9 sweeps in each sub-plot (Hawkins et al.
Material for the present study was collected using a Malaise trap and using an aerial sweep net. Apical portions of abdomen of a male and a female paratype were removed and placed in 10% KOH and boiled in a water bath for 20 minutes, and washed with distilled water and transferred to a cavity slide with glycerin for genitalic dissections.
The first one is located on the edge of the water body in front of the Hunting Centre Building, intended for installation of coloured traps and the implementation of mowing with help of sweep net. The second sampling point is located at some meters upper the previous one and far of water edge by 30 m.
In this method, a sweep net was used to collect the pest population of selective varieties and was counted on weekly interval until the final observation.
At each site invertebrates were sampled by sweeping the vegetation at ground level with a standard insect sweep net along three separate transects of equal length.
Mpumalanga: 2[female] Ezemvelo G.R., 26 km NE of Bronkhorstspruit, LR 2254, 25[degrees]41'S 28[degrees]58'E, grass, sweep net, 11.xi.2000, A.
Three methods namely litter collection pitfall traps and sweep net were used for the sampling of arthropods (Southwood, 1978).
Material examined: Argentina, Buenos Aires prov., Isla Martin Garcia, Cantera Basural, 3-III-2006, Ronderos col., 3 females, sweep net (preserved in alcohol 70%), same data except 30/31-III-2006, 1 female.
All indoor and outdoor containers that were potential breeding sites were inspected, whereas adult collection was conducted using sweep net and modified aspirator.
SW 8 (Osten-Sacken) Diptera species 1 DI, SW 17 Diptera species 1 LT 1 Diptera species 1 DI, FG, SW 5 * BT = beat sheet; DI = direct collect; FG = canopy fog; LL = leaf litter; LT = light trap; ML = malaise trap; MN = Manitoba trap; PF = pitfall trap; and SW = sweep net.