Sweep net

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a net for drawing over a large compass.

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The plots were sampled for insects approximately weekly (every 5-9 d) using a sweep net (BioQuip[R] 38-cm-diameter bag, heavy duty; BioQuip Products Inc.
Material for the present study was collected using a Malaise trap and using an aerial sweep net.
It is here that sampling with help of sweep net will be also done.
In this method, a sweep net was used to collect the pest population of selective varieties and was counted on weekly interval until the final observation.
Chubut: Parque Nacional Los Alerces, margen E lago Futalaufquen, 20-I-1998, sweep net, G.
At each site invertebrates were sampled by sweeping the vegetation at ground level with a standard insect sweep net along three separate transects of equal length.
The specimen was collected using a sweep net during the Zoological Museum of Bergen's (ZMB) 1990 expedition to the West Usambara mountains (see Wagner & Andersen 2007).
Three methods namely litter collection pitfall traps and sweep net were used for the sampling of arthropods (Southwood, 1978).
3 females, sweep net (preserved in alcohol 70%), same data except 30/31-III-2006, 1 female.
All indoor and outdoor containers that were potential breeding sites were inspected, whereas adult collection was conducted using sweep net and modified aspirator.
Captured grasshoppers were transferred from the sweep net to freezer bags which were labeled with location, date, and time of sampling.
The bag portion is rather more robust than is typical of "butterfly nets," making the sweep net ideal for gleaning insects from grasses and shrubs.