Sweet leaf

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(Bot.) horse sugar. See under Horse.

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Stevia also is a great option-this sweet leaf is 200 times sweeter than white sugar, but won't send your blood glucose skyrocketing.
A yearlong investigation of Sweet Leaf's sales practices centered on a practice known as "looping," where a customer purchases the maximum amount of marijuana that Colorado law permits and repeatedly returns to the same retailer to purchase more on the same day.
The DRB portfolio currently includes Sweet Leaf Tea, Tradewinds and Temple Tumeric.
Patent and Trademark Office has granted S&W a patent covering its unique stevia plant variety 'SW 227.' S&W believes that its SW 227 variety has an excellent, sweet leaf taste with very low bitterness and aftertaste, and is late flowering, with high plant vigor characterized by extensive stooling and branching, enhanced dry leaf yields and leaves having an average rebaudioside A content of 10.7%.
First Ave., Sweet Leaf Cannabis at 941 Olive St., and Hi Cascade at 1628 Main St.
It is commonly and variously known as sweet leaf, honey leaf, candy leaf, sweet weed or sweet herbs.
The yellow color was achieved by using turmeric and the leaves of the Asiatic Sweet Leaf plant.
Other prominent vendors in the market include Amul, Argo Tea, Arizona, Asahi, Britvic Soft Drinks, Dr Pepper Snapple, F&N Foods, Haelssen & Lyon, Hangzhou Wahaha, HeySong, Ito En, Kirin Beverage, Malaysia Dairy, Marley's Mellow Mood, Nongfu Spring, PepsiCo, Pokka Sapporo Food and Beverage, Suntory, Sweet Leaf Tea, Tai Sun, Tan Hiep Phat, Trade Winds, Vitalon, and Xing Tea.
My favourite was called Sweet Leaf. It's the strongest, it makes you hallucinate."
Examples include Pair-a-Buns (Paranoid), Frying Pan (Iron Man), Sweet Beef (Sweet Leaf) and Never Say Diet (Never Say Die).
It has many names in different countries of the world but more commonly known as sweet leaf candy leaf honey leaf sweet herb honey yerba sugar leaf or sweet herb of Paraguay.
Sweet Leaf Cannabis Collective, $19,336.11, Department of Revenue, 14-201984-6, 9/11/14.