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[Middle English melilote, from Old French, from Latin melilōtos, from Greek : meli, honey; see melit- in Indo-European roots + lōtos, lotus; see lotus.]


(Plants) any leguminous plant of the Old World genus Melilotus, having narrow clusters of small white or yellow fragrant flowers. Also called: sweet clover
[C15: via Old French from Latin melilōtos, from Greek: sweet clover, from meli honey + lōtos lotus]


(ˈmɛl əˌlɒt)

a cloverlike plant of the genus Melilotus, of the legume family, grown as forage.
[1375–1425; Middle English mellilote (< Middle French) < Latin melilōtos < Greek melílōtos a clover =méli honey + lōtós lotus]
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Noun1.melilot - erect annual or biennial plant grown extensively especially for hay and soil improvementmelilot - erect annual or biennial plant grown extensively especially for hay and soil improvement
genus Melilotus - Old World herbs: the sweet clovers
Melilotus alba, white melilot, white sweet clover - biennial plant; valuable honey plant
Melilotus officinalis, yellow sweet clover - biennial yellow-flowered Eurasian plant having aromatic leaves used as carminative or flavoring agent; widely cultivated especially as green manure or cover crop
ligneous plant, woody plant - a plant having hard lignified tissues or woody parts especially stems
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Yellow sweetclover also showed a good frost resistance and was significantly better than white clover.
Seasonal changes in nonstructural carbohydrates, protein, and macro-nutrients in roots of alfalfa, red clover, sweetclover, and birdsfoot trefoil.
Smith and Graber (1948) found that spring seeded sweetclover (Melilotus officinalis Lain) had a R/S ratio of 0.15 at 10 wk after seeding which increased to 0.63 by 25 wk after planting.
Rhizobium Seeding Legume Cultivar inoculant rate([dagger]) kg [ha.sup.-1] Hairy vetch Common leguminosarum 32.2 Sweetclover Common meliloti 10.7 Alfalfa Nitro meliloti 17.9 Black lentil Indianhead leguminosarum 25.0 Snail medic Sava meliloti 25.0
A National Endowment for the Arts Fellow and winner of the American Book Award and the High Plains Book Award, he is the author of American Masculine, American Copper, Atomic Theory 432, Balefire, Sweetclover, and Forgiveness and Power in the Age of Atrocity.
Influence of plant maturity and plant part on nitrate content of the sweetclover weevil-resistant species Melilotus infesta.
Bellingham Brew Bus, 24 Sweetclover Circle, Bellingham, 604176799
These invaders include species such as tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) and sweetclover (Melilotis albans) that are pollinated by many insect groups, including Diptera, Hymenoptera, and Lepidoptera (LeCain and Sheley, 2006; Bennett and Mulder, 2009).
Yellow sweetclover (Melilotus officinalis) was completely resistant to or tolerant of glyphosate.
This research aimed to isolate, identify and quantify the predominant allelochemical of yellow sweetclover through organic-solvent extraction, chromatography, thin-layer chromatography (TLC), Gas Chromatography-Mass (GC-MS), and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), as well as to evaluate its inhibitory effects on weeds through bioassays.
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