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Any of several mat-forming, perennial grasses with a sweet fragrance, especially Hierochloe odorata of northern North America and Eurasia and Muhlenbergia filipes of the southeast United States. Sweetgrasses are used in herbal medicine and basket-making.
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Manulife agreed to host the space for the medicine garden to support a sustainable supply of sage and sweetgrass for use in The Gathering Rooms, which were opened in 2015 for use by the building's Indigenous employees and partners.
The Department of Environment and Parks did not respond to requests from Sweetgrass for comments.
Although noted for its charm, elegance and aesthetic magnetism, the city is popularized for a culture that began more than 400 years ago during the plantation era--the artistry of sweetgrass basket-making, one of the oldest forms of basket weaving.
Steeped in the Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) culture, The Road Back to Sweetgrass follows the lives of a trio of Native American women and their relationships with and connection to the Sweetgrass allotment.
chewing sweetgrass and feathers at the same time and from the longest
Certified to USDA Organic food standards, these Vermont Soap products are now available in Citrus Sunrise, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pine Woods, Sweetgrass, Sweet Orange and Tea Tree Mint fragrances.
The female holds a sweetgrass basket full of fruits and vegetables, representing the agricultural skills of the early African American community.
A national search has resulted in Juliano Tupone, member of the Sweetgrass First Nation, named as the new vice-president, finance and administration for the First Nations University.
Today, it serves 24,000 members living in Yellowstone, Musselshell, Golden Valley, Sweetgrass, Stillwater and Treasure counties, plus Carbon and Big Horn County along the Wyoming state line, and Park County in Wyoming.
Pieced together from footage shot over eight years, Sweetgrass follows shepherds as they herd their flocks through Montana's Beartooth Mountains.
Hailed by New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis as the "first essential movie" of 2010, the documentary Sweetgrass is the cinematic equivalent of the adage "Still waters run deep.