sweetheart contract

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sweet′heart con`tract

a contract made through collusion between management and labor representatives having terms detrimental to union workers. Also called sweet′heart agree`ment.
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Wynns thought Rojas had given Edison a sweetheart contract that failed to charge the corporation for busing, rent on the school, or administrative services, such as passing through federal and state funding and handing payroll.
Before that time, they had been represented by an independent "union" which had signed a sweetheart contract with the carhaul company, Transportation Unlimited, in 1990.
He made little effort to thwart the city's renewed dumping deal with the Sunshine Canyon Landfill or its sweetheart contract with employees at the Department of Water and Power.
On one recent day, public employee union boss Julie Butcher, beneficiary of a sweetheart contract with the city, mistakenly used a city site to store and distribute re-elect Hahn campaign signs.
Back in the Gray Davis days, the union wielded so much power that the then-governor gave it a sweetheart contract that hiked pay a whopping 37 percent over five years.
The unions get a sweetheart contract, which they've already negotiated with management.
Instead, Davis was counting on the MTA board to cave first and continue the featherbedding and sweetheart contract deals that union members have come to expect over the years.
The history of the Tarakhil power plant is written in broken promises, sweetheart contracts and cost overruns.
To put teeth into that, the council must take a stand against these rate hikes and put the DWP on notice: There will be no more lavish raises, no more sweetheart contracts, no more bad decisions or poor performance without people being held accountable.
Unfortunately AIG's recent complaint indicates that AIG's current board and management intend to continue to pursue their own agendas (which include attempting to insulate themselves from liability and criticism, protecting sweetheart contracts and compensation, and pursuing their personal disputes with Mr.
From fast ferries to sweetheart contracts to friends to outright lying in more than one budget, they came close to destroying the B.
The scrapping of sweetheart contracts could lead to unrest at some of the country's biggest firms.