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or sweet shrub  (swēt′shrŭb′)
Either of two North American deciduous shrubs of the genus Calycanthus, having opposite leaves, fragrant reddish-brown flowers, and many dry fruits enclosed in a cuplike capsule.
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Calycanthus (sweetshrub), cephalanthus (buttonbush), and clethra (summersweet) are all natives.
Le Guin often invokes the qualities of the Valley through lists of plants, near litanies that convey the quiddity of the landscape, its profusion and multiplicity and an irreducible materiality that seems to hover just beyond language: "sweetshrub and oceanspray and yellow azalea, the wild rose and the wild vine of California" in the fertile land near the creeks, "thick shrubs, digger pine, fir, redwood, madrone" on the sheltered canyon sides (Always 50).
Chimney Rock Park, NC Wildflowers Guided Hike: Hike along the Hickory Nut Falls Trail in search of yellow mandarin, bellworts, toothwort, violets, sweetshrub, Jack-in-the-pulpit, and trilliums.