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(Zool.) a small shark (Scyllium ventricosum) of the west coast of North America, which takes in air when caught, and swells up like a swellfish.

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Six of the species reviewed were listed as "critically endangered," three for the first time: the whitefin swellshark, the Argentine angel shark, and the smoothback angel shark.
Three years ago, when former agency buyer and media sales exec Nick Pappas started SwellShark, he took inspiration from a fish that doubles its size to intimidate predators, which Pappas likens to seeking client impact exceeding investment.
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This particular ghastly grimace belongs to a California Swellshark which lies in rocky crevices, waiting to ambush fish and crabs.
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Swellsharks of the genus Cephaloscyllium (family Scyliorhinidae) are unique among sharks in having the ability to swell their bodies from head to anus by filling the cardiac stomach with water or air if removed from the sea (Clark 1947; Yano, et.al.
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