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Swich things as that I know I will declare.
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"And shippes by the brinke comen and gon, And in swich forme endure a day or two." THE FRANKELEYN'S TALE.
We are very proud of Community Swich on the website - if you create a shawarma and give it a name, it's proprietary to you.
You might want to introduce the meanings of words that are tricky even in context: soote; swich; Zephirus; the Ram; palmeres; strondes; ferne; halwes; kowthe.
Sandwich shop 'Swich has opened a new location at 83 Maiden Lane in the Financial District.
For this step one Agilent Technologies swich will be introduced.
Scimeca, 32, played in a five-man Bluebirds' midfield during the 1-1 draw at Ip swich Town in midweek and is keen to start against Blackpool at Ninian Park tomorrow.
Strategic Swich & Audio has introduced its SSA Touch Panels that are designed for the expanding market in touchenabled consumer and industrial products.
1786) versus a belittling view of it as mere 'false worldes brotelnesse' (1832); (3) a view which values literary achievement and reverently kisses the steps of classical authors (1791-2) versus an attitude which sees old Troy as a world of 'payens corsed olde rites' (1849) and its greatest gods as 'swich rascaille' (1853); (4) a view which esteems Troilus's love so highly it is worth Five Books versus the question, compared with the love of Christ, 'What nedeth feynede loves for to seke?' (1848), where 'feynede' has the senses s.v.
SWICH - EPA's National Solid Waste Information Clearinghouse
He begins by making the politic claim that his heroine's faithfulness proves that women, contrary to popular opinion, are never fickle, that "Constance is vn-to wommanhode entaillid," and that "Swich hir nature is" (157/484-90).
One of the largest vertical applications in the history of EDM may soon develop as automakers swich to fuel injectors as standard equipment on most cars.