Swing beam

(Railway Mach.) a crosspiece sustaining the car body, and so suspended from the framing of a truck that it may have an independent lateral motion.

See also: Swing

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Tenders Are Invited for Delivery and installation of a hydraulic CNC press brake machine and hydraulic swing beam guillotine shear machine for the Metal Workshop at the Vienna International Centre, Austria.
200 m2 parquet sports floor on swing beam - approx.
Tenders are invited for Transformer (Code 02E03640)Primary 0-220240,380,415 And Secondary 0-24,30 Volt 160Va Or Equivalent For Torielly Se 125 Itlay Oil Dynamic Swing Beam Clicking Pr
PlayNation utilizes 4" x 6" swing beams and 4" x 4" main fort supports.
The six impact crusher models use optimized geometry in the crusher box with hydraulically adjustable swing beams, resulting in minimal percentage of oversized material, and high reduction rations and throughputs.