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13, the Yang Ming Swing Club will be hosting a swing party event outdoors at Maji Square.
We were actually about to build a steampunk upright piano on a trolley which we were going to push through the city centre whilst Kreios played for an event called Electro Swing Club.
The Eugene Swing Club hosts a weekly dance each Monday night that provides great times, clean fun, effective exercise and educational challenges that are available to all ages.
The Newcastle and Durham-based Lindy Hop and Swing club was set up by Joo Lee Stock who was also responsible for getting actors swinging for their dance scenes in Joe Maddison's War, the recent TV drama written by Alan Plater and set in the wartime North East.
Feldman Swing Club, 100 Oxford Street, London, 1942-1954 - the first club in London to play jazz exclusively.
BAD SWING Club sign and eight iron like one in attack GUILTY Golfer Stafford at court yesterday before he was locked up
48 m) for this subject (The average radius was determined by matching the original swing club head velocity using a constant radius hub path).
A festival with a difference, Hydro Connect offers a range of alternative entertainment in the form of burlesque night Club Noir and swing club Vegas
This swing club allows dancers to kick up their heels seven nights a week on 1,700 square feet of dance floor, doing the Lindy, swing and salsa.
Working through the final illness of her husband, the late director Mike Ockrent, she plunged with Weidman into creating a musical about a New York adman who, on the verge of suicide, launches into a life-saving fantasy about dancing with a seductive woman in yellow at a swing club.
Many other swing club owners who geared their business to kids and college students have gone out of business.
Este ano estreno Chamaco Chico Swing Club, una aproximacion al mundo casi extinto de cabaret barriobajero con sus padrotes en patetica decadencia; por anadidura, se dio tiempo, meses despues, para bailar Viejas historias, de Rossana Filomarino.