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political process treats a voter living in a non-swing state as being worth 77 percent as much as a voter in a swing state," Ma and McLaren wrote.
In Raleigh, North Carolina-another swing state Trump wrested from the Democrats, fear was among the emotions that overcame Fil-Ams.
In swing state Arizona, voters have been reporting issues in and around the capital Phoenix.
As long as your daughter abides by the rules, there is no ethical reason why she shouldn't join the ranks of swing state voters.
For that to happen, the vice presidential pick usually needs to hail from a so-called swing state, i.e.
I could feel all the air leave when his foot hit." The ubiquity of violence in the world of Swing State unsettles the reader's urge to designate clear-cut heroes and perpetrators.
Senator Mark Kirk in Illinois, for example, is one of those Republicans in a swing state facing a potentially rough race.
Shifting political geography also can be seen by noting the states that moved from strong Republican status to either Democratic or Republican swing state status--a margin of 7.5 points or less--such as Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, and Virginia, and those that moved from Republican swing state to Democratic swing status, such as Colorado, Nevada, and Florida.
Fournier; SWING STATE; Three Rooms Press (Fiction: General) 15.95 ISBN: 9781941110089
During the conference, Esbeck participated on an Industry Peer Panel where he shared the various ways that WSTR collaborated with NTCR in a swing state strategy to focus attention on broadband investment during the 2012 presidential campaign.
UTTOXETER: 2.05 Ossie's Dancer, 2.40 Kris Cross, 3.15 Saphir River, 3.50 SUN CLOUD (NAP), 4.25 Hollins, 5.00 Swing State, 5.35 Some Plan WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.40 Diamond Vine, 6.10 Rose Garnet, 6.40 Divea, 7.10 Lone Warrior, 7.40 Solo Hunter, 8.10 Star Links, 8.40 Sian Gwalia, 9.10 Hierarch.