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n.1.A laborer.
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The total aesthetic experience includes the appreciation of the expressive and symbolic formal qualities of a garment, its appearance, its origin and performance (De Klerk & Lubbe, 2008; Fiore & Delong, 1994; Fiore & Kimle, 1997; Lu, 2015; O'Neal, 1998; Swinker & Hines, 2006).
Stating that individuals should remain in the process of learning throughout their lives, Hines, Frey and Swinker (2005: 55) assert that key responsibility lies with the individual in realising what information is needed, determining how to locate information, and deciding how the information will be used and evaluated.
Swinker M, Koltai D, Wilkins J, Hudnell K, Hall C, Darcey D, et al.
However, as illustrated here and discussed by Swinker and Burke (2002) and Hudnell and Shoemaker (2002), the possible influence of factors other than perc exposure on VCS should also be considered.
Marian Swinker East Carolina University School of Medicine Greenville, North Carolina E-mail: swinkerm@mail.
Swinker M: Routine screening for gestational diabetes mellitus in a family practice center.
Concerning "nonspecific" tests, in their previous letter Swinker and Burke (2002) objected to our use of VCS tests in PEAS investigations because VCS deficits are "nonspecific.
Swinker M, Koltai D, Wilkins J, Hudnell K, Hall C, Darcey D, Robertson K, Schmechel D, Stopford W, Music S.
We are pleased to respond to the letter from Swinker and Burke regarding our paper "Possible Estuary-Associated Syndrome: Symptoms, Vision, and Treatment" (1), which was published in EHP as a Grand Rounds in Environmental Medicine article.
In this issue, Marian Swinker of the East Carolina University School of Medicine and colleagues report on the first comprehensive examination in North Carolina of people with long-term contact with waterways where they may encounter Pfiesteria [EHP 106:21-26].
Marian Swinker,(1) Deborah Koltai,(2) Jean Wilkins,(3) Ken Hudnell,(4) Colin Hall,(3) Dennis Darcey,(2) Kevin Robertson,(3) Donald Schmechel,(2) Woodhall Stopford,(2) and Stan Music(5,*)