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Noun1.Swiss canton - one of the cantons of Switzerland
canton - a small administrative division of a country
Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland - a landlocked federal republic in central Europe
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The connection among the Swiss cantons scarcely amounts to a confederacy; though it is sometimes cited as an instance of the stability of such institutions.
Burkhalter grew up in the French-speaking Western Swiss canton of Neuchatel and has been a member of the Swiss cabinet since 2009, wrote in French.
With a global workforce of 3,100 employees, the company's Granichen site in the Swiss canton of Aargau employs 300 people who produce around 80,000 radiators every year.
The site, located in the Swiss canton of Valais, is the home of DSM Personal Care's natural and organic Alpaflor portfolio.
Police in the Swiss canton of Bern said a 30-year-old Italian man jumped from the "Black Line" peak at Stechelberg but lost control of his route before hitting the cliffside and dying.
GENEVA, June 8 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti women willing to visit Switzerland have to be careful as the Swiss canton of Ticino will enforce a law banning niqab (face veil) as of July 1, the Kuwaiti embassy in Bern said on Wednesday.
Since last year, Sarah Fergsuon has been per manently based in a luxu ry multimillionpound chalet she and former husband the Duke of York own in the exclusive ski resort of Verbier, in the Swiss canton of Valais.
Several people were killed in a shooting late on Saturday in a town in the Swiss canton of Aargau, local police said on Sunday.
I'm travelling by train from Zurich airport and after a couple of changes, I'm on the Rhaetian railway to Davos in the largest Swiss canton of Graubunden.
In addition, Tridonic will end production at its plant in Ennenda, the Swiss canton of Glarus, by next spring, due to declining demand for electrical ballasts.
Belgium later followed suit, as did the Swiss canton of Ticino.
According to the Grenoble prosecutor, the computer was reportedly traced back to a helicopter company in the Swiss canton of Zurich.