Swiss pine

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Noun1.Swiss pine - large five-needled European pineSwiss pine - large five-needled European pine; yields cembra nuts and a resinous exudate
pine, pine tree, true pine - a coniferous tree
cedar nut, cembra nut - the seed of the Swiss pine
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to the Master of the Aufkirchen Saint Peter Enthroned, Swiss pine, polychrome and gilded, with traces of paste, ht 77cm.
The Captains Copse,on the right of the 18thgreen for the approaching golfer,include cedars, a special birch,acers,a couple of Swiss pine.
When I looked out of my window expecting to see dark Swiss pine forests stretching to the horizon, what I actually saw was a rusting metal roof and a construction yard full of lorries, Portakabins and piles of pipes.

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