Switch board

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(Elec.) a collection of switches in one piece of apparatus, so arranged that a number of circuits may be connected or combined in any desired manner.

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Tenders are invited for Procurement of eccb/rccb, ictp, onload change over switch, switch board
Tender notice number : Defect Rectification of switch board INS BITRA-SR
Tenders are invited for Open Type Pvc Switch Board Box Size 8 X 10 X 2 With Hole Suitable For 16 Am 01 Switch, 16 Amp 150Dt 6 Amp 03 Switch And 6 Amp 01 Socket With Isi Mark As Per Is 14772 Make- Anchor, Presto Teck,
UNEECO assembles switchgear, power control centres, motor control centres, main switch boards, sub-main switch boards, final distribution boards, pump control panels, control desks, and alarm annunciator panels.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) 11 kV, XLPE insulated aluminum cables of 3x240 mm2 cross section, (b) motors (engines) complete for vehicles and buses, also (c) SF6, ring switch boards 12 kV also air type switch boards.