Switching engine

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a locomotive for switching cars from one track to another, and making up trains; - called also switch engine.

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He is keen to ensure they will be challenging for the title in the years to come despite the team switching engine partners from Renault to Honda in 2019.
All eyes will also be on McLaren this season, particularly in testing, with the Bahrain-owned team switching engine supplier to Renault and hoping to return to the glory years.
The company's Algorithm Switching Engine also enables traders to execute the trading strategies from Alpha Pro by switching between a suite of algorithms to maximise liquidity access, minimise information leakage and enhance trade execution quality.
In the same way that Thalmann Commodities' wholesale block trading system provides a mechanism on the equity side for protecting institutions from information leakage or the switching engine goes out to traditional markets with technology that obscures the order from pattern recognition software, or sends out encrypted messages via its blotter liquidity model (rather than scrape the blotter), X5 Markets' software is also protecting the institutional equity and options orders, said Mayerbach.
Pipeline's flagship service, Alpha Pro, for example, uses predictive analytics to choose from over 100 strategies, then executes the strategies through our Algorithm Switching Engine, a predictive technology in its own right.
A small diesel switching engine still served waterfront and city-based freight customers daily.
The FriendlyNET FR204 is engineered around a sophisticated single-chip silicon switching engine. With support for a high-speed 10/100 Internet port, four 10/100 LAN ports, wireless access point (FR204G), this feature-rich router family provides everything a home or small business needs to power its network.
These include the management of middleware applications and the migration from legacy communications handlers to a Unisys Online Message Switching Engine.
Aculab, a provider of enabling technology for the communications market, recently release a 1U variant of its flexible switching engine, GroomerII.
The company waited until 1997, years after Honda, to begin switching engine blocks for 4-cylinder gasoline engines to aluminum.
It is a switching engine designed to enable companies in high-volume transaction environments to route transactions more effectively and check their status throughout the transaction lifecycle.
LFC is served by two major rail lines, and has a private rail siding with an 80-plus car capacity and a private switching engine.