Swivel joint

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a joint, the two pieces composing which turn round, with respect to each other, on a longitudinal pin or axis, as in a chain, to prevent twisting.

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The integrated mounting flange with swivel joint simplifies cleaning of the evaporator or heat exchanger.
Stainless steel hub assembly, a bronze or aluminum swivel joint, and a riser are available, as well as optional rollers.
Request of international offers to supply drill stem, unibolt couplings and weld end swivel joint.
2 kg) and has a handle attached to the housing by a friction-lock swivel joint.
The box also served as a swivel joint so that when the furnace was tipped for pouring, the airflow was not disrupted.
Each rear wheel was attached to the end of the axle frame by a swivel joint similar to the king pin on a conventional front steering axle.
Its swivel joint at the end of the sprayhead directs the water stream with a simple wrist motion.
With their smooth and modular swivel joint, the levelers can easily combine with any bolt material, thread, or size.
The innovative swivel joint found in all Bosch irons keeps the cord out of the way, making it comfortable for both right- and left-handed users.
The ergonomically designed pull-down sprayhead has a swivel joint that easily directs the water stream with a simple wrist motion.
A swivel joint lamp head allows for 360-degree axial rotation and 90-degree angular adjustment.
The Roma also features a swivel joint connected to the base of the head, which allows for maximum rotation and positioning This enables the light to properly accommodate any type of office configuration or employee requirements.