Sword arm

the right arm.

See also: Sword

References in classic literature ?
As they advanced to meet one another I saw for the first time a trick of Martian swordsmanship which centered Kantos Kan's every hope of victory and life on one cast of the dice, for, as he came to within about twenty feet of the huge fellow he threw his sword arm far behind him over his shoulder and with a mighty sweep hurled his weapon point foremost at the green warrior.
Together they launched themselves upon me, and though I ran one of them through the heart on the instant, the other fastened its gleaming fangs about my sword arm above the elbow, and then with her sharp talons commenced to rake me about the body, evidently intent upon disemboweling me.
The best sword arm in all Christendom needs no other logic than the sword, I should think," said Brus, returning to his work.
For an instant the blacks pressed close to reach me with their shorter swords, but presently they gave back, and the esteem in which they suddenly had learned to hold my sword arm was writ large upon each countenance.
Come but within reach of my sword arm, and, friar or no friar, I'll shave your tonsure closer than ever bald-pated monk was shaven before
He leaped back and forth, snapping at my legs and harness, until I thought that he was mad, and finally when I pushed him from me and started once more to ascend he grasped my sword arm between his jaws and dragged me back.
Seeing that his strength was going from him, Robin leaped forward, and, quick as a flash, struck a back-handed blow beneath the sword arm.
Forgetful of everything other than that a weak and defenseless man was being brutally murdered before her eyes, the girl cast aside discretion and, rushing to Smith-Oldwick's assistance, seized the uplifted sword arm of the shrieking creature upon the prostrate Englishman.
Right and left with the quickness of thought the heavy lash fell upon heads, shoulders and sword arms.
Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal said the state has been proudly known as the sword arm of India, with the finest and the most efficient soldiers and veterans, who have made the people proud with their exceptional acumen and expertise in warfare while defending the country from internal as well external aggression.
INS Vikramaditya, the flagship and centre-piece of the Navy's operations, is under the administrative control of the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command, Mumbai and is part of the sword arm of Indian Navy viz.
Vice- admiral Satish Soni, who has the longest tenure among the three top commanders, could be asked to head the Western Naval command, the Navy's sword arm.