Sworn brothers

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originally, companions in arms who took an oath to share together good and bad fortune; hence, faithful friends.

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``Not so,'' answered Fitzurse; ``I will take sanctuary in this church of Saint Peter the Archbishop is my sworn brother.'
The protagonists are four young Chinese who are forced to migrate to Manila at an early age, meet here and become 'sworn brothers.' They are Ah Beng (later Antonio Limpoco), Ah Puy (Hilario Ong), Lee Ah Ting (Fernando de Lolaliarga) and Lee Ah Sun (Samuel Lee Basa).
While being nominal Christians, the sworn brothers do not forget their roots and onetime religion, and light joss sticks and burn spirit money in front of the altar of their forebears.
The Head of State stressed: "Five of your sworn brothers gave life protecting sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of our country.
Its two top warriors, and sworn brothers till death, are Choi Ji-hwan (Choi Min-su) and Yun Gyu-yeob (Jo Jae-hyeon).
A longer series of novels, and planned as a narrative of Iceland 's history, includes Edbrore (1918; translated as The Sworn Brothers, 1920) and Salige er de Enfoldige (1920; translated as Seven Days of Darkness, 1931).
If Binay readily betrayed his sworn brothers, he can more readily betray the masses of nobodies like us.