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An ancient Greek city of southern Italy on the Gulf of Taranto. Noted for its wealth and luxury, it was destroyed in warfare with Crotona in 510 bc.


1. (Placename) a Greek colony in S Italy, on the Gulf of Taranto: notorious for its luxurious living, founded about 720 bc and sacked in 510
2. (Historical Terms) a Greek colony in S Italy, on the Gulf of Taranto: notorious for its luxurious living, founded about 720 bc and sacked in 510


(ˈsɪb ə rɪs)

an ancient Greek city in S Italy: noted for its wealth and luxury; destroyed 510 B.C.
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This is the time of year that truffles native to Oregon shine, and there's no reason the home cook can't experiment, even if only a little bit, what with the welcome input of local chefs Maselli, Crosthwaite and also Matt Bennett of Sybaris Bistro in Albany.
"Dorus De Vries & Patrick Roberts appreciation tweet Both outstanding today #Celtic" Sybaris Ali @Sybaris77 Dark McCann.
"To Lydia, who has transformed Sybaris from a hardy athlete into a doting lover." Now the man was reading from the Roman poet Horace--yes, from Horace himself.
Die Erbschleicherepisode am Ende des Erhaltenen wird von Regi nach Sybaris verlegt (22) und sehr frei bearbeitet, wobei die sexuellen Abenteuer ebenso weggelassen werden wie das makabre Testament.
(You Y will be sadly missed and forever in our hearts) -Nina, Paul, Stewart, David, Jonathan, Sybaris, Pam and Alison xxx Funeral service to take place on Monday December 22nd at 9.30am, Newchurch Parish Church, Church Lane, Culcheth.
A group of scientists have located what is believed to be either the seaport of the half-legendary city of Sybaris, or Sybaris itself....
Contract notice: How to open for foster care verification service of the final project and the project executive, as part of the "award of construction and operation of the new hospital of sybaris - cup: j79h07000250001 pursuant to art.
Legend has it that, upon tasting melas zomos, a man from Sybaris, or the opulent, ancient city of Magna Graecia, remarked in disgust: "Now I know why the Spartans do not fear death."
Persian occupation of the Greek cities on the Asia Minor coast, particularly Miletus (499 BC) which led to Ionic rebellion and was a cause of lengthy wars with the Greeks, resulted in migrations of educated Greeks westwards who seeked shelter in Greece, particularly on islands (Lesbos, Hios, Samos, Chios, Kos, Delos, Rhodos etc.) in the Ionian Sea, in the south of the Apennine Peninsula (Taranto, Metaponto, Sybaris, Kroton, Elea, Paestum, Neapolis), on the island of Sicily (Syracuse, Catania, Zancle, Acragas, Gela, Selinunte) etc.
(Lydia, dic, per omnes / te deos oro, Sybarin cur properes amando/perdere, 8.1-3, Lydia, by all the gods, I ask you explain why you rush to ruin Sybaris by means of love.) As a consequence the rejected lover is deprived of both time and space.
From Babylon to Sybaris; peoples and populations; our forefathers.
Googling a runner Sybarite 5.10 Uttoxeter The name used to describe a person devoted to luxury and pleasure comes from the sixth century BC Greek city of Sybaris in the Gulf of Taranto.