a.1.Like a sycophant; obsequiously flattering.
Sycophantish satirists that forever humor the prevailing folly.
- De Quincey.
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In time, the average reader is bound to get cheesed off with some of the sycophantish adulation.
I do not now recall if my teacher mentioned the name of the laudatory poet but if he did, it is not surprising that he is eminently forgotten because which fiercely independent tnation as India is would hold a sycophantish writer in high esteem?
Corridor chatter in Geneva continues to suggest that in his apparent schoolboyish and sycophantish eagerness to endear himself to the Western promoters of the UNHRC resolution of October 2015 on Sri Lanka and his naive rush to placate the expatriate Tamil groups, who are still pursuing the Ealamist agenda through other means with the apparent acquiescence of their patrons in the West, he conceded far more than what the drafters of the resolution had expected.