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 (sĭd′n-əm), Thomas 1624-1689.
English physician who advocated the Hippocratic ideal of close observation and recorded firsthand accounts of numerous diseases, including Sydenham's chorea.
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Noun1.Sydenham - English physician (1624-1689)Sydenham - English physician (1624-1689)  
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Just as the train was whirling through Sydenham, Passepartout suddenly uttered a cry of despair.
To have the several elements which compose our names, as Sydenham expresses it, repeated a thousand years hence, is a gift beyond the power of title and wealth; and is scarce to be purchased, unless by the sword and the pen.
The only talk before we turned her in at the garden gate was done by Gentleman, who told a pretty long story about a friend of his in Upper Sydenham who had been silly enough to marry, and had had trouble ever since.
Oldacre is a bachelor, fifty-two years of age, and lives in Deep Dene House, at the Sydenham end of the road of that name.
Listed healthcare technology company Philab Holdings Corporation is planning to acquire 67 percent of local pharmaceutical firm Sydenham Laboratories, Inc.
a listed healthcare company, is acquiring 67 percent of local pharmaceutical firm Sydenham Laboratories Inc.
a seller of health-care kits to mostly government organizations, said it is acquiring a majority stake in local pharmaceutical firm Sydenham Laboratories Inc.
A joint venture partnership between Laing ORourke and John Holland has been awarded the contract to upgrade Sydenham Station for Sydney Metro Australias biggest transport project.
Texel PS111 Greenend, Sydenham, PS91 Greenend, PS90 Birkenside, PS89 The Lee, PS87 Craighouse, Sydenham, Suffolk PS101 Stagehall, PS91 Lochside, PS90 Sydenham, PS87, PS85 Northfield, PS83 Cockburn, Brotherstone, Halfbred PS92 Smailholm Mains, Cheviot PS87 Stagehall, PS75 Woodside, Stagehall, PS73 Woodside, Lleyn PS77 Clifton Hill, Cheviot Mule PS75 Northside (2), Mule PS73 Elwartlaw, PS71 Lochside, Cockburn, Blackface PS69 Horseupcleugh.
Croxteth Drive is cordoned off between the roundabout and St Hilda's High School because of concerns over loose panels on Sydenham House.
The route takes in all parts of the city, from Sydenham to the Falls Road, Donegall Pass to the Ravenhill Road.
I lived at No 2 Sydenham Grove, Sydenham Road, Sparkbrook, from the late 30s to the late 60s, so all I can remember are the illegal bookies and runners and possibly a bit of black market fiddles, possibly from the Second World War a lot later.