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The friends will now hold a fundraising night in memory of the women at the Sylvestrian Club, Sylvester Street, Bootle, on Friday, May 8, from 7pm.
The first one will be held at the Sylvestrian Club on Sylvester Street in the Vauxhall Neighbourhood on February 3.
A reunion of the workers, along with their family and friends, is being held at the Sylvestrian Club, in Sylvester Street, Liverpool, from 7.30pm on Friday, October 17.
compresentation night at the Sylvestrian Club in Vauxhall, there was one man who brought something special.
"OVER the Bridge" Reunion at The Sylvestrian Club, Saturday, December 14.
THERE will a second 'Over The Bridge Reunion' at The Sylvestrian Club on Saturday, December 16.