Symbion pandora

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Noun1.Symbion pandora - only known species of Cycliophora; lives symbiotically attached to a lobster's lip by an adhesive disk and feeding by means of a hairy mouth ring; its complex life cycle includes asexual and sexual phases
invertebrate - any animal lacking a backbone or notochord; the term is not used as a scientific classification
Cycliophora, phylum Cycliophora - tiny marine organisms each the size of a period found in great numbers on lobsters' lips; identified tentatively in 1995 as a new phylum or as possible link between Entoprocta and Ectoprocta
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As one of the most recently discovered animal phyla, Cycliophora (2) to date comprises only two described species, Symbion pandora Funch and Kristensen, 1995, and S.
And since the creature lives with the lobster in symbiosis--a harmonious relationship in which both benefit--scientists named the new species Symbion pandora.
They have named the creature Symbion pandora and have assigned it to an entirely new phylum, which they call Cycliophora.