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 (sĭm′bē-ŏnt′, -bī-)
An organism in a symbiotic relationship. Also called symbiote.

[Greek sumbiōn, sumbiount-, present participle of sumbioun, to live together; see symbiosis.]

sym′bi·on′tic adj.


(Biology) an organism living in a state of symbiosis
[C19: from Greek sumbioun to live together, from bioun to live]
ˌsymbiˈontic adj
ˌsymbiˈontically adv


(ˈsɪm biˌɒnt, -baɪ-)

an organism living in a state of symbiosis.
[1885–90; < Greek symbiont-, s. of symbiṓn, present participle of symbioûn to live together; see symbiosis, -biont]
sym`bi•on′tic, adj.
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Disruption of microbial symbionts that are required by insects would substantially impact their pest status.
Including over 3,500 references, this authoritative work serves as an access point to the primary literature on their life histories, higher systematics, diapause and seasonal cycles, pathogens, symbionts, semiochemistry, and pest management control strategies for pentatomoid bugs.
It discusses molecular biocommunication, superfast evolution via interspecies, bacterial communication, communication languages and agents in biological systems, carnivorous plants and insects, crosstalk between plants and their symbionts, global communication within the embryo, how neurons find their target animal communication under noisy conditions above and below water, chemical communication, sexual communication by pheromones, and artificial communication.
Excess carbon fixed by the symbionts cannot be used to their own advantage (i.e., increase in cell numbers), mainly due to the limitation of nitrogen and phosphorous of the symbiotic animals [15-19], a result of the nutrient-poor waters where they live.
Distribution of secondary symbionts in Israeli populations of Bemisia tabaci.
"What's really interesting is just how quickly and violently the coral forcefully evicted its resident symbionts," Lewis, who is from QUT's Science and Engineering Faculty, said in a ( statement on the university's website.
When she assumes an identity, she then strives to identify with other beings, including other human symbionts. Then, with the help of Wright she gains access to knowledge about vampires through the internet, which she finds useless and dismisses it.
The fishery and culture practices point to the movement of clams as a risk factor for dispersion of symbionts, parasites, and diseases.
Researchers currently hypothesize that microbes and parasites may play a role in down-regulating the immune system and in the absence of a low grade preoccupation with these symbionts, the immune system becomes overly aggressive and turns up the inflammation response that drives expression of autoimmune illnesses.
fornicatus, and the beetle diet inoculated with beetle fungal symbionts. Blocks of 4 multi-funnel Lindgren traps were deployed in 14 avocado orchards in south Florida known to have E.