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Noun1.Symphytum - comfreySymphytum - comfrey        
plant genus - a genus of plants
borage family, Boraginaceae, family Boraginaceae - a widely distributed family of plants distinguished by circinate flowers and nutlike fruit
comfrey, cumfrey - perennial herbs of Europe and Iran; make rapidly growing groundcover for shaded areas
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Consumption of poisonous plants (Senecio jacobaea, Symphytum officinale, Pteridium aquilinum, Hypericum perforatum) by rats: chronic toxicity, mineral metabolism, and hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes.
Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a fast-growing perennial herb in the borage family with large, bristly leaves.
Aelod arall o'r teulu yma ydi'r cwmffri neu'r cyfardwf (Symphytum officinale; Comfrey) ac mae cacwn a gwenyn yn sgut am hwn.
The mulch biomass was composed of spontaneous plants of various local species: malva roxa (Urena lobata L.), "capim estrela" (Rynchospora speciosa), "lingua de vaca" (Symphytum officinale L.), "joa" (Solanum viarum), "trapoeraba" (Commelina benghalensis L.), grass (Paspalum notatum), "quebra pedra" (Phyllanthus niruri), "betonica" (Stachys officinalis), "serralha mirim" (Emilia sonchifolia L.), "carrapicho" (Cenchrus echinatus L.), "lombrigueira" (Spigelia anthelmia L.), "tiririca" (Cyperus rotundus L.), "caruru" (Amaranthus viridis), "amendoim bravo" (Euphorbia heterophylla L.), "barba de bode" (Eragrostis curvula), "picao branco" (Galinsoga parviflora), being Brachiaria brizantha the most abundant species, accounting for 90% of the biomass.
hga I have extolled the virtues of comfrey in the garden before, but whereas most gardeners are familiar with the Russian comfrey, my adoration is for the creeping comfrey (Symphytum grandiflorum), also known as dwarf or ornamental comfrey.
Comfrey (Symphytum officinale or Symphytum x uplandicum) is probably the most commonly used plant for poulticing, proving triply effective because it contains skin-soothing mucilage, helps dissolve and remove dead tissue, and speeds healthy reparation.
This species is phytophagous and feeds on Symphytum tuberosum (CIBC, 1982), cucurbitaceous vegetables as well as solanaceous plants and many other vegetables.
In the official website, producer has shared some of the ingredients, embedded in gel's composition - cynodon dactylon extract, filipendula formosa extract, slix alba bark extract, alcanna tinctoria root extract, symphytum officinale root extract and taraxacum officinale root extract.
Jacquin) Druce Cynoglossum lanceolatum ForsskiH 8 Symphytum officinale L.
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