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n.1.A drinking together; a symposium.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The scrambling of those invited to the table of the prominent Pharisee for the coveted seats of honor led Jesus to share with them a parable, or more appropriately a symposion or a banquet discourse.
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"Despre persoana (On Person)." Symposion. Revista de Stiinte Socio-Umane (Symposion.
Cidadaos ricos, por exemplo, eram criticados por seu prazer excessivo em relacao a dois elementos do symposion ("banquete"): alcool e prostitutas (Esquines 1.42; Aristofanes Eccl.
The given lecture block by Dornbirn-MFC within the scope of the Techtextil Symposion in Frankfurt was a great success.
The present which is a relative concept, draws itself from these concepts and shares them further to the posterity." Thus, it began a physician's evocation, in the Symposion magazine (year I, No 2-3, May-June 1969, p.
Levine, The [bar.[mu]]-invariants of based links, Proceedings of the Second Topology Symposion, Ed.
The decision to devote the thirteenth Freiburger Neulateinische Symposion to the Xandra therefore makes sense, with the essays collected here being the fruits of that meeting.
Se comprende asimismo una tension caracteristica del compromiso entre el leitourgos y el pueblo que acoge el servicio: el leitourgos tiene la necesidad de entender para poder servir; el pueblo sabe que el symposion eucharisticum es sapiencial--in spiritu et veritate--y no puede no serlo.
(4) No primeiro, o symposion propriamente dito, ocorria o consumo de alimentos, enquanto que no segundo, denominado comissatio, recitavam-se obras literarias e apreciavam-se espetaculos de musica, danca e teatro, tudo isso acompanhado por copiosas tacas de vinho (Fernandez Vega, 1999).
The first stage of the banquet was deipnon (evening meal), followed by the symposion (drinking party).

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