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n.1.A drinking together; a symposium.
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The given lecture block by Dornbirn-MFC within the scope of the Techtextil Symposion in Frankfurt was a great success.
Among the topics are the archaeological background of the earliest graffiti and finds from Methone, from Gabii and Gordion to Eretria and Methone: the rise of the Greek alphabet, alphabets and dialects in the Euboean colonies of Sicily and Magna Graecia: what could have happened in Methone, and wine and the early history of the Greek alphabet: early Greek vase-inscriptions and the Symposion.
The decision to devote the thirteenth Freiburger Neulateinische Symposion to the Xandra therefore makes sense, with the essays collected here being the fruits of that meeting.
4) No primeiro, o symposion propriamente dito, ocorria o consumo de alimentos, enquanto que no segundo, denominado comissatio, recitavam-se obras literarias e apreciavam-se espetaculos de musica, danca e teatro, tudo isso acompanhado por copiosas tacas de vinho (Fernandez Vega, 1999).
Wenden wir uns Xenophons Symposion zu, so werden wir Zeuge eines Gastmahls, das Kallias (ca 450-370), der Sohn des Hyponikos seinem Liebling Autolykos als einem der Preistrager der Panathenischen Spiele des Jahres 421 v.
Symposion zur Prufungsforschung (Symposium on Assessment Research) University of Hamburg, Germany.
Im Symposion fuhrt Platon die Faden des Wahren, Schonen und Guten kongenial zusammen--das Werk der Zusammenfuhrung vollbringt nicht die "reine Vernunft", sondern ein Zwitterwesen, namens Eros, das Platon in diesem Dialog einfuhrt.
Symposion 2005: Vortrdge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte.
BADIA, "El Tirant en la tardor medieval catalana", Actes de Symposion Tirant lo Blanc, Barcelona, 1993, p.
The section on Plato, which tackles the Phaedrus, Symposion, Timaeus, Republic, and Hippias Major with careful attention to the way the meaning of the term to kalon elides from the properly aesthetic to the moral, finds the Platonic tradition to be decisive for the formation of modern aesthetic principles, emphasizing thematic parallels with Kant in particular.

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