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Noun1.Synoptics - the first three Gospels which describe events in Christ's life from a similar point of view
religious text, religious writing, sacred text, sacred writing - writing that is venerated for the worship of a deity
evangel, Gospel, Gospels - the four books in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) that tell the story of Christ's life and teachings
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Cheheyl, a seasoned operating executive with experience in the computer, software and data communications industries, retired as Executive Vice President of Business Operations of Bay Networks, then a $2 billion data networking company formed through the merger of Wellfleet and Synoptics Communications.
Founded: 1994 with the merger of two public companies, SynOptics Communications Inc.
The company was established tn October 1994 with the merger of SynOptics Communications and Wellfleet Communications.
SynOptics Communications, Prime Computer and BBN Communications.
Ethernet powerhouses 3Com and SynOptics Communications, and startup Grand Junction Networks of Union City , Calif.
Prior to joining NeoAccel, Guerrero has a long history of successful engagements with Silicon Valley networking and security innovators such as SynOptics Communications, Bay Networks, VPNet Technologies (developer of the first commercial VPN network security appliance), and early networking pioneer, Retix.
Another ATM leader, SynOptics Communications of Santa Clara, Calif.
Wellfleet was named "The Fastest Growing Company" in the United States by Fortune magazine in 1992 and 1993, preceding its 1994 merger with Synoptics Communications, Santa Clara, California.
Prior to Class Data, Woo held senior strategic planning, marketing and product management positions at Bay Networks and its start-up predecessor SynOptics Communications.