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1. Of or relating to a synapse: synaptic nerve endings.
2. Of or relating to synapsis: the synaptic phase in meiosis.

[From Greek sunaptos, joined together, from sunaptein, to join together; see synapse.]

syn·ap′ti·cal·ly adv.


(sɪˈnæptɪk) or


(Physiology) of or relating to a synapse
synˈaptically adv
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Adj.1.synaptic - (neuroscience) of or involving synapses


a. sináptico-a, rel. a la sinapsis.
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Synaptics Incorporated, the leading developer of human interface solutions, today announced its Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display fingerprint sensor has been honored for technical innovation with Best of Show recognition at CES 2018 from several leading industry publications, including Android Authority, Android Central, Digital Trends, Tech Radar, TechnoBuffalo, Toms Guide, and CES.
Fingerprint sensor maker Synaptics will be rolling out a new type of scanner which could be embedded into the screens of smartphones.
Earlier this week, Synaptics unveiled the world's first fingerprint scanner that can be embedded in a smartphone's display.
27 July 2017 - California, US-based human interface solutions provider Synaptics Inc.
Synaptics develops custom-designed user interface solutions.
Xiaomi might also partner Synaptics to include its ClearForce technology on the Mi5.
With industry leading system-level engineering expertise, global design and technical support centers and over 1 billion capacitive touch solutions in the market, Synaptics is uniquely positioned to help enrich the success of the DirectTouch architecture.
Human interface solutions developer Synaptics Inc (Nasdaq:SYNA) announced on Monday the extension of its Synaptics Gesture Suite to the Linux operating system environment.
Synaptics Incorporated (NASDAQ:SYNA),, Santa Clara, Calif.
Synaptics Incorporated (NASDAQ:SYNA), has implemented the LightTouch capacitive button module in a notebook computer.
Thomason started selling the tech stock Synaptics when it reached $14, four dollars more than the target price he set.
WITH LAPTOP screen space at a premium, the Synaptics cPad is a second screen that lets users control and navigate applications without taking up space with icons and taskbars on the primary screen.