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Noun1.Synoptics - the first three Gospels which describe events in Christ's life from a similar point of view
religious text, religious writing, sacred text, sacred writing - writing that is venerated for the worship of a deity
evangel, Gospel, Gospels - the four books in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) that tell the story of Christ's life and teachings
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This contract covers the preventive and corrective maintenance of medical fluid production and distribution facilities as well as the updating of synoptics and signaling.
Synoptics warns that in some Western and most Southeast regions the risk of fires is already code red,a ccording to bTV.
Notes, a complete Latin-to-English glossary, a map of sites mentioned in the synoptics, and much more round out this accessible, student-friendly resource.
Scientific Digital Imaging plc designs, manufactures and sells digital imaging technology for use in the life sciences, healthcare, astronomy, and art conservation through Synoptics brands (Syngene, Synoptics Health, Synbiosis and Syncroscopy), the Artemis CCD company brands (Atik Cameras and Artemis CCD Cameras) and the Opus Instruments brand (Osiris).
Unlike similar accounts in the Synoptics, John adds at the very end of his account, "Now that day was a sabbath.
Prior to that, she managed sales organizations at Dataflex, SynOptics, Motorola/UDS, and Arrow Electronics.
The spread has varied with the various synoptics, but the ability has persisted.
makes use of relecture developed by Jean Zumstein, and is convinced that the Gospel has been influenced by the Synoptics.
Thomas and the Gospels; the case for Thomas's familiarity with the Synoptics.
This "Gospel according to the Hebrews" (or simply "the Hebrew Gospel") is not to be confused with canonical Matthew (which, in Edwards' estimation, was the last of the three Synoptics to be written), but it is to be identified with the pseudepigraphal gospels of the Nazaraeans and the Ebionites.
These new widescreen displays with touchscreen controls are designed to give pilots more useful information than before including worldwide weather, Garmin's synthetic vision technology, aircraft synoptics and electronic flight charts.
In the synoptics, an amazing one out of 10 verses (288 in all) deal directly with the rich and the poor .