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(Placename) the Italian name for Syracuse


(ˈsɪr əˌkyus, -ˌkyuz)

1. a city in central New York. 155,865.
2. Italian, Siracusa. a seaport in SE Sicily: ancient city founded by the Carthaginians 734 B.C.; battles 413 B.C., 212 B.C. 121,134.
Syr`a•cu′san, adj., n.
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Noun1.Siracusa - a city in southeastern Sicily that was founded by Corinthians in the 8th century BC
Sicilia, Sicily - the Italian region on the island of Sicily
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The event dates from December AD304 when a young girl called Lucia was martyred in Syracuse, Sicily, for refusing to make a sacrifice to the Emperor Diocletian.
SYRACUSE, Sicily -- Fifty miles off the southeastern coast of Sicily, the refugee boat first appeared as a gray spot on the horizon, rising up or dipping away with the churn of the Mediterranean.
Archimedes was born in Syracuse, Sicily and died there in 212BC.
I T IS said that the first food writer - Archestratus - lived back in 4th Century BC in Syracuse, Sicily.
He then ran through the streets of Syracuse, Sicily, naked, shouting "Eureka, Eureka
Mathematician Archimedes was born in 298 BC in Syracuse, Sicily.