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1. An Aramaic language of ancient and medieval Syria and adjacent regions that was used to write a large body of literature from the 3rd to the 13th century and is still used today as the liturgical language of several Eastern Christian churches.
2. Any of several modern Aramaic languages spoken by Eastern Christian communities of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran and by immigrants from these communities elsewhere.


(Languages) a dialect of Aramaic spoken in Syria until about the 13th century ad and still in use as a liturgical language of certain Eastern churches


(ˈsɪər iˌæk)

a form of Aramaic based on the speech of Edessa in the 1st to 3rd centuries a.d., used historically in the liturgy and literature of a number of Christian confessions of the Near East.
[1611; < Latin Syriacus < Greek Syriakós. See Syria, -ac]
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The Latin tongue is hardly understood, Syriac is unknown, Greek so odious that 'tis accounted no ignorance in the most learned to skip a Greek word without reading it, and to say, '
In addition to these Miss Tuffin, who is daughter of the late Reverend Thomas Tuffin (Fellow of Corpus College, Cambridge), can instruct in the Syriac language, and the elements of Constitutional law.
Syriacs are considered one of the minority ethnic-religious groups in Lebanon.
The visit was a chance to dwell on regional affairs and the endurances of Christians in Iraq, especially the Syriacs.
The Patriarch unveiled the new memorial of theSyriac martyrs who perished at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1915 in horrible massacresagainst Armenians, Syriacs, Assyrians and Chaldeans.
Other minorities, including Syriacs, Yezidis and Arabs, have also applied to be candidates in the general elections, according to news reports published by the Armenian weekly newspaper Agos.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq - Iraq's Parliament Speaker, Usma al-Nujeify, has congratulated on Sunday the Iraqi Christian Chaldians, Assyrians and Syriacs, on the Babilon-Assyrian "Akito" Day.
The city of Beirut carries in it the roots of Antioch and Syriacs," Ephrem said.
Accompanied by a cardinal and a number of priests, patriarch Rahi thanked his Syriac Orthodox counterpart patriarch Afram II and bishops for their hospitality; He also beseeched the Almighty to free and ensure the safe return of all Syriacs abducted from Qreiteen locality near Homs by extremist gunmen.
According to these reports, approximately 300 Syriacs have been captured by ISIL, including 30 or so guards who were defending villages.
Visiting the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate and the Arminian Orthodox Archdioceseon the centennial anniversary of the Ottoman genocide of "Seyfo" against the Syriacs and the Armenians and other nations, al-Sayyed indicated that the genocide proves to the whole world that what is taking place in Syria nowadays of killing and destruction at the hands of the neo-Ottomans stresses that they have nothing to do with Islam.
Younan thanked all participants in the march, who came to show "sympathy with their brethrens in Assyrian villages, as well as Syriacs and Chaldeans, who have suffered terrorism and violent oppression at the hands of terrorist groups, working against humanity and human conscience.