Syrian hamster

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Noun1.Syrian hamster - small light-colored hamster often kept as a petSyrian hamster - small light-colored hamster often kept as a pet
hamster - short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches
genus Mesocricetus, Mesocricetus - golden hamsters
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(21.) Iwatsuki-Horimoto, K., Nakajima, N., Ichiko, Y., Sakai-Tagawa, Y., Noda, T., Hasegawa, H., Kawaoka, Y., Syrian Hamster as an Animal Model for the Study of Human Influenza Virus Infection.
I managed to find a cute white Syrian Hamster, who was only a week old when I got him.
The best performing candidates in vitro were further evaluated orally using the Golden Syrian hamster model of C.
Chubby Six-monthold Syrian Hamster, owned by Katrina Orr, Dunblane.
Golden Syrian hamster has long been considered as a good rodent model for studying human cholesterol metabolism and homeostasis [69].
It comes in two versions: the golden Syrian hamster and the gray Djungarian breed.
We feel Oakley will suit a family home with older children of a late primary school age who understand that he can be shy in new situations HARRY is a gorgeous long haired Syrian hamster. He is such a friendly boy, his new owners will be lucky to have him!
A total of 27 rodents, frogs and guinea pigs - even a tarantula spider called Incy Wincy - were entered into the competition, won by a Syrian hamster owned by young Danny Milburn, Rhydwyn.
The Syrian hamster as a model for the dilated cardiomyopathy of Chagas' disease: a quantitative echocardiographical and histopathological analysis.
Cloning of syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) cytokine cDNAs and analysis of cytokine mRNA expression in experimental visceral leishmaniasis.
James White, 21, yesterday admitted to killing his Korean flatmate's female adult Syrian hamster after a drinking binge, but claimed it was dead before he put it in the pan.

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