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Noun1.Syrrhaptes - a genus of PteroclididaeSyrrhaptes - a genus of Pteroclididae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
pallas's sandgrouse, Syrrhaptes paradoxus - Eurasiatic sandgrouse with a black patch on the belly
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These results are similar to that of Chroysolophus pictus (Zhang et al., 2002), Syrrhaptes paradoxus (Wang et al., 2013), and Wanxi White Geese (Fang et al., 2005); however, the hepatic lobules of the duck (Luo, 1983) are extremely obvious, which differs from the African ostrich.
However, the boundaries were not obvious, similar to the results observed in Bustards (Liu et al., 2002), Syrrhaptes Paradoxus (Wang et al., 2013), Quai (Wang et al., 2007), and Wanxi White Geese (Fang et al., 2005); however, the pancreatic gland leaflets of Red Pandas (Mi, 2004) and Xinjiang donkey (Zhang et al., 2015) are very obvious, which is different from the African ostrich.
cocks (Syrrhaptes paradoxus), according to Meusel and Jager (1992), with