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that branch of theology of which the aim is to reduce all revealed truth to a series of statements that together shall constitute an organized whole.
- E. G. Robinson (Johnson's Cyc.).

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He draws heavily on the work of three eminent scholars: sociologist Robert Bellah, philosopher Eric Voegelin, and systematic theologian Paul Tillich.
Trinity and Revelation is the second in a planned five-volume series, by Pentecostal scholar and systematic theologian Karkkainen.
Irish systematic theologian Anne Primavesi has written extensively on ecology and particularly the theological implications of the Gaia hypothesis.
Ballor notes that Musculus produced significant scholarly output in three areas of theological study: (1) as an editor of patristic writings, (2) as a prolific biblical commentator, and (3) as a systematic theologian (the latter primarily through his Loci Communes of 1560).
This he accomplishes through a side-by-side analysis of the views of two thinkers on the issue--Wolfhart Pannenberg, a prominent German systematic theologian, and Abdulaziz Sachedina, a scholar of Islamic law and ethics at the University of Virginia.
While Merton is not viewed as a systematic theologian, Pramuk attempts to make a case for him as a mystical theologian.
The metaphysical focus of Volf's second contribution to the volume betrays his background as a leading systematic theologian, although he attempts to insert an ethical dimension into the six Luther-like theses closing the essay.
Conybeare has provided us with a fresh study of Augustine's Cassiciacum dialogues, which she has correctly found to represent anything but the dogmatic and systematic theologian that the future bishop of Hippo has at times been taken to have been.
He went immediately to New College in Edinburgh to pursue doctoral studies under the famous systematic theologian Hugh R.
For me the image of the abstract and systematic theologian (I always imagined Thomas Aquinas) undercut the usefulness of theological reflection, and so I also made the turn to theory.
These last issues are also touched upon by the systematic theologian W.
is not only a first-rate evangelist and communicator, he is a most impressive systematic theologian.

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