Systematic theology

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that branch of theology of which the aim is to reduce all revealed truth to a series of statements that together shall constitute an organized whole.
- E. G. Robinson (Johnson's Cyc.).

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He places most of the weight of his argument on Tillich's pneumatology in the third volume of his Systematic Theology, which he characterizes as both the climax and provocative matrix of his theological system.
Reformed inmate Kim Ki-Sung, now a pastor and a mind specialist, said relapsing into criminal behavior can be curbed through proper learning of the bible and systematic theology if the rights skills are applied.
Crouse (who is Assistant Professor of Systematic theology at Knox Theological Seminary) completed at Wheaton College under the supervision of Daniel Treier.
Schulte must have intended his work to be completely different from other books devoted to systematic theology when he announced its subtitle: An Other Systematic Theology, and not Another Systematic Theology.
The third part of this book focusses on biblical theology and systematic theology. The central argument is that the coherence of these two theological disciplines is utterly dependent on a historical Adam and Fall and belief in original sin.
Currently professor of systematic theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, Karkkainen is a Finnish Pentecostal-charismatic-ecumenical theologian who has lived and worked in Thailand.
Call for Essays: "Mennonite Systematic Theology," The Conrad Grebel Review.
Systematic Theology is a special kind of address to the question of the nature and function of God that differs from Biblical Theology in its constructs and formulae.
Hegstead reconciles the invisible church of systematic theology with the visible church of empiricists and social scientists, showing that a sound theological interpretation of the church does not require the dichotomy.
He was nominated by Paul Murray, Professor of Systematic Theology and Dean and Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies and Jon Purcell, the University Librarian.
The authors bring an important contribution to scholarly integration of systematic theology with missional-contextual theology in a constructive-hermeneutical manner.
Academic theology embraces several distinct disciplines including biblical, historical, philosophical, moral, and pastoral theologies, along with systematic theology.

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